Cape Coral Newborn Photographer

Look at this little chunk!! Ryan wanted nothing to do with napping, he was so curious, watching every move I made. Although he wasn’t what I usually photograph as a newborn session, for being a little over 2 month old he sure has THE sweetest smile!!  His momma received a gift card for a mini session from her friend up in New Jersey. What a sweet gift!  It’s never too late to capture those cute little toes!

I love photographing newborns and little ones. I offer in-studio sessions for maternity, newborn, sitters and 1 year olds. There are so many milestones that you don’t want to forget. I look back at my daughter, who I can’t even believe will be 15 this summer, and all the photos I have of when she was itty bitty.  I realize I don’t have those details captured, and I can’t remember them either. The buddha belly, the tiny toes, the delicate features that we forget. Everyone use to tell me you’ll forget that sweet baby smell or how tiny her nose is, and the sad truth is, you do. I wish I had more photos to look back at. I hope I can create those memories, the way you see your baby, so you can look back and remember all the beauty of your little one.


Cape Coral and Ft Myers Newborn Photographer