I met Finn and Mara while they were down visiting their Grandma in Boca Grande.  I love visiting Gasparilla Island, it has such a charming beachy feel.   If you ever visit Boca Grande you will see families scooting along in golf carts,  not for golfing, but for transportation.  I’ve seen mom’s scooting around with kids and babies in tow every time I visit.  It reminds me of Peachtree City, Georgia where my best friend lives.  They scoot to the grocery store by golf cart, or when we visit, it’s the ice cream shop. ;)  It’s a clever idea!  Anyways, back to Finn and Mara.  They were so full of personality, Mara reminds me of my daughter at that age.  She’s got spunk, and Finn….you just want to snuggle him he’s so sweet.  They also brought along their two golden retrievers. It was a perfect opportunity to get some fun family photos.  I look forward to seeing you all next year!