I met Townes and Ola’s beautiful family at Bowman’s Beach on Sanibel Island recently for their family photos!  They were here enjoying the beach all the way from Chicago.  They’ve all been coming to Sanibel for years and stayed right on Bowman’s Beach.  My kind of vacation!  Bowman’s Beach has the some of the absolute best sunsets!  The golden light is just perfection!

Alissa and Brian have some pretty sweet kiddos!  I really enjoyed photographing their family and watching Ola and Townes hug on each other.  Sibling love is the greatest, isn’t it?!  Throw in a beautiful sunset at the beach as a background and I may just melt from the sweetness!  Some of Alissa’s family were also visiting Sanibel with them so I was happy to photograph them together as well!  Photographing families all together on vacation is so much fun.  I love meeting so many wonderful people who live all over the world and travel to this beautiful little island!

Bowman's Beach 01Bowman's Beach 02Bowman's Beach 03Bowman's Beach 04Bowman's Beach 05Bowman's Beach 06Bowman's Beach 07Bowman's Beach 08Bowman's Beach 09Bowman's Beach 10Bowman's Beach 11Bowman's Beach 12