Cape Coral, Florida was one of the first places we visited about 10 years ago. We knew we wanted to explore southwest Florida but wasn’t sure exactly where to start. We loved so many cities in the area but ended up finding our forever home in The Cape. I say forever because I swear to you I am never moving again. 🙂 We love where we live and it works out great for covering so many beaches.

This fun crew is also exploring and planning on finding a spot to settle down in the future. They stayed in Cape Coral and came out to Sanibel Island for their beach session. They finished off the night at the Bimini Bait Shack just off-island and had nothing but great reviews.

This was one of my first sessions back after life stopped for the past 3 months. Mid-March sessions started rescheduling and stayed that way until June. So many people have been affected by this pandemic. Hopefully, we are making progress forward and will be able to put this behind us. I am so grateful that I am almost booked up for the rest of June and can’t wait for the fall!

It sure feels nice to be back out there meeting families on the beach. Get in touch with me if you are planning your vacation down here!

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