I just love this family!  You may recognize this sweet bunch from their family session I did a couple years ago!  They vacation to Captiva Island every year and have been coming for over 30 years now!  How amazing is that?  They stayed on Andy Rosse Lane, which is the heart of Captiva Island!  It’s the perfect spot to stay for your vacation!  You have the island restaurants, live music playing as you walk, shops, YOLO water sports, a general store, and at one end is a marina and the other end is the beach!  It’s a short little street packed with so much goodness!

The best part of photographing families is being able to photograph them years later.  I absolutely love seeing the kids again and how they’ve grown.  Our last session together, Norah was just a baby!  The girls all wore matching blue dresses and they may just be the most adorable trio I ever did see!  And, of course Warner was looking super stylish too in his island feel outfit that complimented everyone so nicely!  Great Grandma was able to come vacation with the family and I was so happy to photograph her with the whole group!  This family is the sweetest and I really enjoyed seeing them again!  Here are some of my favorites from this years session!