You don’t want to miss a Captiva sunrise. I know sunsets are all the rave, but to be up at the crack of dawn and be the only one on the beach is just magical. The cool sand under your feet, the birds on the hunt for their breakfast. This family has been a client since momma was expecting her first little man. I love seeing so many families coming back year after year. My client base is 99% tourists. Sometimes, actually many times, clients are here for the first time, and may never return to this part of Florida for their next vacation. So when I have clients that make this their go to vacation spot and return year after year, and have me document their growing family each time….well it makes this momma’s heart full. I am so grateful for each and every one of my clients. So grateful.

In the past, we had always chosen to do sunset at South Seas Resort. This time we decided with the boys being so small we will try for sunrise, and it was perfect. I can’t wait until they return next time!

captiva sunrisecaptiva sunrise