Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if it rains?

This is the number one question I get asked.  Don’t get discouraged when you plan on coming down between May – October and see 80% chance of rain.  Florida is known for its summertime thunderstorms, but thankfully they are short lived. It may rain on Ft Myers Beach, but not in Naples or Sanibel Island.  Thankfully they tend to die out before sunset sessions, but every now and then we do have to work around them. I ask that you are flexible the day of your session to adjust the time if needed or finding a beach where it won’t be raining at.  If we do have a rain out then I will work to find a time to reschedule your session during your trip. I do not cancel sessions unless it is a complete rain out or it is unsafe to photograph your family. The lightning here is extremely dangerous and I will not risk your safety.  If we are unable to find a time to reschedule you will receive a full refund.

Where do your sessions take place?

My sessions take place anywhere along the beaches from Siesta Key to Marco Island.  While I have photographed many clients on location at their condo or vacation rental, I do have specific locations that I recommend in my guide. These locations vary by sunrise or sunset as well as how busy they are throughout the year.  I also have a list of beaches that are better options during low tide and windy days, than others.  Once you know exactly where you are staying I will send you recommendations based on that area!

My kids won't last very long, how long are the sessions?

The Petite Collection is 20 min. The Signature Collection is 45 min generally but can be adjusted. The Heirloom Collection is up to 60 min but again can be adjusted depending on how many kids there are and their ages. I allow for breaks and we have a lot of play time to capture candids. 

What happens if my kids won't cooperate during the session?

As a mom I totally get it! So many factors will help ensure your kiddos are the happiest they can be. I always suggest doing big activities such as dolphin excursions, day trips exploring, long pool/beach days, or anything that exerts them to plan those for another day. Try to keep the day of the session low-key. Make sure they are well-rested, even big kids can use a little downtime before the session. Adjust naps as needed. And of course, make sure they are well fed. Brings snacks and water to take a break if needed. Stay away from anything that may melt such as M&M’s or take a bit to chew. Mini marshmallows work great!

I focus my sessions around the kids. We will be doing a lot of snuggling and playing. Throwing seashells in the water, dad throwing the kids up in the air, anything that will help keep them engaged and happy! I have a few tricks that usually work.

Can you edit more in depth or retouch my images?

I use photoshop to hand edit each image. I will remove people and objects from the background of your images and fix small things such as a scratch or a bruise. We are on the beach so it tends to be windy so plan accordingly for hair. 

I do not alter your images in any way that doesn’t depict the real you. I don’t make you thinner or make you look like someone you are not.  You are YOU! Embrace it!

Any additional hand editing will be charged $15 per image. This includes excessive bug bites, acne, teeth whitening, etc. 

Headswaps are $35 each.

*If you are in question about any specific edits please contact me.

How soon will I have my photos?

Your gallery will be sent to you within 2 weeks of your session date.

Can I have all the images/RAW files?

I take hundreds of images during your session to ensure the best moments are captured. People blink, you look away, the wind blows your hair in your face, a baby fusses or improper lighting. There are a million reasons that an image is not ideal. Not every pose or shot taken will turn out as planned. My job is to go through each image one-by-one and select the very best. These are the images that I feel best represent my business, my brand and your time with me.

The RAW files are a rough draft. They require specific software to open and knowledge to turn them into a beautiful final image. These are unfinished, unedited and do not represent my brand.

What is your photography style?

While I love a timeless photo of everyone looking at the camera, I love the candid moments that capture emotion. I focus on you playing with your kids, walking along the beach collecting shells and jumping in the waves. Of course you want some images of everyone looking, but you will remember the feeling when you look back at your husband dancing with your little girl, or you snuggling your baby boy. I want to capture the interactions of you all loving on each other.  Embracing one another.

My edits are clean and timeless. I want your images to represent your vacation and be hanging on your walls for years down the road.

Do you charge travel fees?

There is a $100 travel fee for sessions on Marco and Captiva Islands, and a $200 travel fee for North Captiva Island.

Is this your full time job?

Yes! I have been fortunate to have been able to make photography a full-time career for the past 13 years. It’s my passion and my livelihood so I put 100% of myself into my business.

What time of the day do you do sessions?

I offer sessions at any time of day, but at sunrise, or just before sunset is the most ideal and flattering lighting. Depending on the weather and the collection you choose we will start approximately 20-60 minutes before sunset or a few minutes before sunrise. Mornings are calm and quiet and rarely have any weather concerns. Sunset sessions may be bumped up a bit if it clouds up too much to offer an actual sunset. This will ensure the best lighting possible.

Can I bring more than one outfit?

You are welcome to bring a change of clothing, although you are working against Mother Nature’s clock, so keep that in mind. Many beaches are too far of a walk to get back to change in the restroom and often changing the kids mid session can result in a change in their mood.

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