Are you coming to Florida for Spring Break?! Are you looking to escape the cold? It’s been above average this winter. While we woke up to temperatures in the mid 40’s this morning, it’s a perfect 70 degrees and I have all my windows open. This weekend is suppose to be in the mid to upper 80’s! The pool heater is going on and we are enjoying the weekend relaxing poolside.

Growing up in Northern Wisconsin I always dreamed of going somewhere warm for Spring Break. Unfortunately it was always just a dream. We ended up finding ways to entertain ourselves. If we weren’t fighting (3 year age difference), ¬†we were outside ice skating on the pond, sledding, cross country skiing or building snowmen. Who else can raise their hand to also using bread bags in their boots to keep their feet dry?! I know you’re out there!

Obviously times have changed. Travel has become easier and more affordable. While Thanksgiving and Christmas are still my busiest weeks, Spring Break is a close tie. This year is going to be a busy one. March and April are filling up fast. We are heading up to Parris Island to see our daughter’s boyfriend graduate from the Marines in early March and I will be attending the Reset Conference the end of March. It’s doesn’t leave as many dates available as last year, but I’m ok with that.

While I absolutely love all my clients and photographing families on the beach, I have to remember to take care of me and my family. My family comes first. My business has grown so much over the past year and it can only continue to get better by investing in myself. Doing workshops or conferences every year has been one of the best investments I have made. It doesn’t matter how successful you are, you can never stop learning.

Florida is the place to be for Spring Break 2020!!

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