Fort Myers is a destination that so many families from the midwest vacation to, and this family is one of the sweetest!  I met them at Bunche Beach for their session on a perfectly golden lit sunset evening.  Karen and Bob were celebrating their 50th anniversary!  50 years together!  How wonderful, with such an awesome reason to celebrate!  And, they have a beautiful family to show for it.

Bunche Beach is actually in Fort Myers, and not on Fort Myers Beach.  It’s a little hidden gem that you are likely to never see a tourist visit.  It is known for it’s changing tides.  One day you visit and the tide is so low it looks like you are walking on water for miles and the next day the tide is so high there isn’t a single inch of beach to walk on!  It turned out to be the perfect setting the evening we visited!  Most people who visit this beach are there to bird watch.  It’s incredible the natural wildlife you will see during your visit here!  It’s a quiet, serene little slice of paradise.  A true taste of “old Florida”.  If you are visiting Fort Myers and looking for a secluded beach, this is the one!

We were so excited to find a picnic table half buried, it made for the perfect group photo setting.  This family was so incredible to photograph.  Everyone is the absolute nicest and I just loved their sweet kids!  I am so grateful they chose me to photograph them while they were here visiting together.  I had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed getting to know everyone!  Enjoy!