I spent an evening photographing the sweetest family at Lighthouse beach recently!  Lighthouse beach is one of my all time favorite locations because of the many beautiful background options it provides!  The greenery is tropical and diverse with the gulf of mexico being light and teal in color.  Being a photographer has it’s perks, and I would say being at the beach every week photographing amazing families is right up there as the best of the best!

Kim and Danny have the best kids.  Aiden, Finnley and Patrick are so sweet with each other, I absolutely loved photographing them!  They all got along so well and I could tell just from the hour I spent with them that they share such a close bond.  I always look forward to sessions when Mom or Dad sends me a little extra info on their family before hand.  Kim had text me photos of Finnley’s outfit ahead of time and I just knew their clothing was going to be gorgeous for the beach!  She coordinated her family’s outfits so perfectly!!!

We walked along the water and I captured one of my new favorite photos – Finnley and Patrick hand in hand just talking to one other contently.  How sweet are they?!  And the kids even found a starfish!  So cool!  Thanks so much Kim and Danny for choosing me to photograph your family!  Here are some of my favorites from the session!