It’s funny how you can live near someone for years but it isn’t until you move hundreds of miles away that you actually finally meet!  Kelly is a wonderful photographer in Illinois, and we just so happened to live near each other in Wisconsin years ago and share a mutual friend!  She reached out to me when they were planning their vacation to North Captiva Island and I was so excited to photograph her with her family!  Photographers are always the one taking the photos of their loved ones, but very rarely are they IN the photos!

The only way to get to North Captiva Island is by boat or plane.  I take the Island Girl Charters ferry when I have a session and this time I was surprised by dolphins!  There was even a baby dolphin jumping in the wake.  Seeing dolphins in their natural habitat, jumping so close you can almost touch them, is absolutely awesome!

I met Kelly and Jason’s family at the home they were staying at on the island.  The palm trees, lush greenery, and sand beneath our toes made it a perfect location for our session together!  This family loves football!  So, we went down to the beach next to the air strip to toss the ball around.  Kelly takes amazing action shots at all of their games, so it was fun to photograph them all together playing on the beach!  After we finished their photos we had a little time left before I had to catch the ferry back, so Kelly and I got a chance to chat about our girls over a nice cold beverage.  It was such a great day with a great family!  Thanks so much for having me.  I hope you always enjoy your memories here!