Sanibel Island Lighthouse

Sanibel Island Lighthouse Beach is one of my favorite beaches on Sanibel to meet families. Although it does not have the sunset over the water it always gives us the prettiest light and softest pastel skies. This is one of my favorite sessions there. Naomi and Rachel were the sweetest and I just loved how they all coordinated their clothing. Here are some great tips for your family beach session. You need to go check out her blog for great mom tips! The kids had so much fun searching for seashells and playing and I’m sure I heard some ice cream was going to be their reward. Pinocchio’s is a go to when you need a sweet treat on the island!

I get so many questions leading up to my client’s trips down here. From what are some great activities to do with kids, what restaurants are the best to where we should go shelling? I am currently in the process of finishing up a Travel Guide. Each island and local area will have their own guide. Every client that books will soon have exclusive access to these guides along with others that will help explain what to expect during your session and how to have a successful session with little ones!


sanibel island lighthouse beachsanibel island lighthouse beachsanibel island lighthouse beach