Laura and Damon drove down all the way from Ohio for a little vacation. They took their time coming down exploring all our beautiful country has to see! After a few stops they made it to Sanibel Island and spent the days soaking up the sun and laying on the beach. What a relaxing vacation! They were also down celebrating their 2nd anniversary and it was so apparent how in love they are. They had no problem getting all cozy and showing affection. They were so sweet on each other!

They stayed at the beautiful Song of the Sea!  With your room being just steps from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico you are bound to have an amazing vacation. The sunsets alone are breathtaking.  Make sure to keep an eye out for sea shells, Sanibel Island is famously known for it’s shelling!

This quaint little island is also known for their bike trails, so don’t pass on renting a bike and cruising the island! From beautiful paths that lead to the blue waters to exploring Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.  Don’t pass on stopping at Zebra Treats! They have 12 flavors of frozen yogurt with 52 toppings!! Sure you will be able to find something yummy to keep cool on these hot summer days.