I met Mike and Katherine at South Seas Resort on Captiva Island for an early morning session. I schedule sunrise sessions for 15 minutes before the sun is up. That gives us enough time to get to the beach and a few minutes of pictures right before the sun peeks through the trees. Jackson was so sweet and full of smiles. At 9 months old he was sitting like a champ and also trying to taste test the sand. :)  Dad even had matching Hawaiian shirts for him and Jackson. Come on, how cute is that?! Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

Many times with the late summer sunsets, it can really cut into bed time for the little ones. Sunset is usually around 8:30 during the summer months, so sessions start around 7:30. Which is typically the time they are settling down and going to bed. Add in being in a different bed, and possible a different time zone, and you got a recipe for a cranky baby. Sometimes. Not always, and usually I get plenty of smiles and giggles and then we wind the session down with some sweet snuggles as the start getting sleepy. Those are many times my favorite images. Those that worry about their kiddos not being in the happiest mood has many times opted for sunrise sessions. While, I am not a morning person, not at all….especially since I have a 14 year old daughter who LOVES to sleep in, I do love sunrise sessions. The light is divine. It’s early, but oh so worth it!

South Seas Captiva Family Photographer