A reoccurring question I get asked is “what should we wear?” Your clothing choices are a very important part of your final image! Here are a few simple tips for selecting the best outfits.

Be sure to select clothes the fit you and your personal style. You want to feel confident and comfortable so stick to items you know will give you that freedom.

We think it’s best for Mom to choose her dress or outfit first. Then start piecing in Dad and the kids’ outfits mixing colors that stick with the same palette. Everyone should have ¬†their own style come out in their outfit. Instead of matching your children in the same outfit, you could have one daughter wear a dress while the other wears a skirt and floppy hat. This brings out their individuality.

Picking colors that go well with the beach background will give you timeless photos that look amazing. Stay away from busy patterns, bright bold colors as well as the latest trend. Women look flattering in long flowing dresses. Neutral soft tones are timeless and don’t take away from the focus being on you.

Once you book your session you will receive a password giving you full access to your personal Style Guide.

style guide for beach photos